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Yara, Hákon and Sanne at the Savoy Cup

Yara, Hákon and Sanne at the Savoy Cup

We are Hákon, Sanne and Yara and Swing Foundation is our Amsterdam (east) based Swing Dance Movement that offers high intensity dance classes, lectures and workshops.

We have been in the Amsterdam Swing Dancing scene since 2011/2012 and after years of organising local and international events, as well as teaching for multiple schools it was time to start our own initiative.

We are known for our structured and precise way of working, strong technical foundation, high quality teaching, performances, and goofiness.


Portrait of Ben

Ben Goodwach-Draffin


This Aussie expat was spotted in Amsterdam wearing a Swing Foundation T-shirt long before anyone else was. Some facts in random order: ballet background, wicked spins, teaching since September 2017, lover of coffee, gym, works at and his life motto: can’t stop, won’t stop.

Portrait of Hákon

Hákon Bjarnason


Hákon got in touch with Swing dancing through his friends who were playing in a jazz band. He started dancing Lindy Hop right away and hasn’t stopped since. Inside this rather tall Icelander lies a huge nerd, not only when it comes to dancing but also in playing music as a professional pianist.

Portrait of Sanne

Sanne Blok


Sanne discovered Lindy Hop in 2011 and immediately started taking classes in Amsterdam. Currently she cannot think of her life without thinking of Swing dancing. In Sanne’s classes you’ll find lots of technique and musicality, together with a bit of goofiness. She likes to work on small details to make communicating with your partner easier.

Vicki Lohrer

Vicki Lohrer


Dancing has been a part of her life since the age of 11. Hip hop was her first big love until she found Lindy Hop through a colleague. Since then, she has been traveling to festivals around Europe to soak in different influences and find her own style. Things that make her happy: swivels, cheesecake, and more swivels.

Portrait of Yara

Yara Kruis


Yara has been dancing almost all solo dance styles since she was 4 years old and discovered partnered swing dancing in 2010. You can recognise a strong technical foundation in her dancing. In her classes you’ll find yourself looking for the most relaxed and natural way of movement with or without a partner.


All classes take place in StayOkay Amsterdam Oost (Zeeburg)


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