Info for new dancers

We know it can be scary going to your first dance class when you don’t know what to expect. That’s why we put this guide together to give you a better idea about what you’re getting yourself into.

Starting your Lindy Hop adventure!

What will you learn in the beginners course?

The focus of the Lindy Hop beginners course is to learn this swinging partner dance. In the first 8 weeks of your Lindy hop life you’ll learn the basics of the dance. During class we will rotate partners. The main goal of the course is to practice leading and following, and prepare you to go social dancing at a swing dance party.

Do I need a dance partner?

You do not need a partner to register. If you register alone we can accept your registration if the balance in class allows it. We will rotate partners in the classes, so you will get to meet and dance with everyone in the class.

Why do we change partners in class?

Lindy Hop is a social dance and is danced with various partners. This means that swing dancing is a social experience, one which is meant to be shared with different people. At a social dance party you will not dance with just one partner: everyone dances with everyone. To prepare you for this we mirror the experience in class by rotating partners. Each new person you dance with will have a unique style and feeling. We believe that you will learn the quickest this way!

Leading or following?

When you register for the Lindy Hop beginners course you are asked in which role you want to dance. Dancing in either role is suitable for all genders. Traditionally leaders are men and followers are women, but in Lindy Hop it is quite common for women to be leaders and for men to be followers. So you are free to decide which role you want to dance!

Ready to start!

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